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low quality photo but ill have a new one up soon :3
Anonymous: tumblr crush on sailorelsa because WOAH SHE'S SO PRETTY AND NICE AND I CAN'T GET OVER IT LIKE WOW


i def agree! sailorelsa you’ve got an admirer over here :

Tell me on anon (OR NOT) which tumblr user you have a crush on

what i just saw this! i want to know who my tumblr crush is, thats crazy!


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ouat theory


so the snow queen is probably Elsa’s real mom, and, the two [Elsa and Anna] aren’t actually related, which provides OuaT the opportunity to give them a romantic relationship, the relationship they deserve

I still believe the snow queen is Elsa’s real mother.

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All I Want For Christmas - Idina Menzel

From her album Holiday Wishes - out October 14! Preorder it here

imagines Elsa singing this to Anna <3

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reblog if you’re the gay sister


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after reblogging this i opened up a card my great aunt gave me it has money in it

It could be a complete coincidence but I reblogged this yesterday and toda I fouund $40 at the fruit maket

Eh,why not

#this is dumb#but i’m desperate

when you got nothing you got nothing to lose

I got a job after reblogging this&#160;!

Just got a job

Show me the money!

i need the universe to front me bout 3hunna
Sailor Elsanna,
the cam photo doesnt do it much justice but alas one day i will scan it :3

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